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Looking to maybe, possibly do a DIY amp build


Dec 4, 2022
Howdy, all,

Thought I’d registered here before but can’t for the life of me see said registration, but at the very least I’ve been a long time lurker.

I’ve been window shopping for a new amp for some time. Needless to say I’ve perused through these forums quite a lot, but as having more of a technical/tinkering background, very much keen on the idea of building my own as opposed to buying.

I currently have a Denon AVR-X7200WA (which I’d be happy to send in for testing if I were still in the US given I’d not seen any review here on it) pushing CM10 S2s with a CMC2 S2 and CM5/CM5 S2s for surrounds along with an SVS SB-3000. The room is a rather large open floor plan with too few treatments and high ceilings.

While everything is generally fine, I occasionally have issues with the surround channels that isn’t speaker related, and am looking to move to discreet amps, illogically starting with the fronts. At some point I will upgrade/replace the AVR with something HDMI 2.1 capable as a pre-amp only. As I do listen to music at moderately high levels when the Mrs is away (SMSL SU-9 with a Pi 4 as my streamer pulling from my own library) I’d like something that perhaps would be, anecdotally, better suited for these speakers.

That said, I have in my head an NC1200 based setup. I’d thought I’d seen in places that it was possible to acquire for DIY bulds, but perhaps that’s not the case. I’d like to go down the road of designing my own chassis, but that’s neither here nor there for the moment.

While from a power perspective other options are potentially available and suitable, eg NC400 modules, it’s the current aspect that I continue to read as more important with these speakers. Without going through the rigamarole of buying, testing, returning, attemting to do blind tests, etc, I’m simply looking to go down the road that will be more than suitable for these, and anything else I potentially replace them with down the road.

Am I correct in that the NC1200 modules are still in fact only available to OEMs? Happy to take alternative recommendations. Whether it’s a dual mono setup either separately or in a single chassis doesn’t matter. Also thinking about a three channel setup given the CMC2’s “requirements.”

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