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Looking for hybrid tube/non-hybrid tube amp


New Member
Apr 5, 2020
Hi all,

Wondering if I can solicit some advice. I'm looking for a tube amp to pair to with my ZMF Eikons and RME-ADI 2. I have a budget of around 1100 Euros, maybe bit more. Ideally, I would probably lean toward an OTL tube amp like the Felix Euphoria, but my concern there is the practical aspect with having my young toddler constantly playing at my desk bashing away. Therefore, I'm now looking at a hybrid alternative, which lessen the risk of injury.

Options I have in mind include:

1. ifi Pro iCan.
2. Pathos aurium.
3. Maybe something from Schiit (Mjolnir 2 too large but Lyr 3 is an option)
4. WA7 Fireflies, which is not a hybrid, but which is compact.
5. I'm also open to extremely resolving solid state options such as the SPL Phonitor 2 or the Violectric HPA V280/V281.

My preference is for something with excellent detail retrieval and highly resolving rather than anything overly warm or "euphonic."

Thanks very much in advance for any thoughts!
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