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Looking for FIR capable DSP

Sure seems like a great DSP. I am going to look into that!
Until you find out what it costs ;) in that budget range there will be more pro-audio options available. Look at Q-sys stuff for instance…
Hi. I recommended the BSS London-806DA. It meet all your needs plus more. You can choose between two sample rates: 48K or 96K. I recommend 96K, it will give you less latency and your FIR will take less time. Pictures below of your case setup. Each FIR filter is using 4096 taps. The max is 6700 taps per FIR filter.

Block Diagram
View attachment 372517

View attachment 372518

IIR eq
View attachment 372519

View attachment 372520

View attachment 372521

Analog Input
View attachment 372522

Digital Imput
View attachment 372526

Analog Output
View attachment 372527

Overal DSP used %
View attachment 372528
Extremely expensive.
At this moment of this post in Ebay you can get a used BLU-160 for $700.
Much cheaper than a minidsp Flex HTx or DDRC-88D.
But true, great power comes higher price!
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