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Looking for advice on a 3 channel Hypex Ncore Amplifier - ATI vs Nord/Apollon

Oct 5, 2019
AFAIK Apollon doesn't offer mch-amps with NC500's as Krobar is looking for. They use NCxxxMP's throughout.
This is probably a on-off custom build. Please enlighten us what's so terrible about it. We might learn something from it.



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Dec 5, 2018
It has the feel of a DIY project, or a rush job to hit a deadline when some parts hadn't turned up on time, and wasn't intended for public consumption. The rats nest wiring doesn't inspire confidence that the layout has been thought about. Leaving it all flapping in the breeze probably won't cause failures in a domestic situation, but can in transit, as well as performance variability if wires move relative to each other. The uninsulated, soldered connection of the mains cables to the power switch on the front panel is ... unusual. I hope the mains inlet is fused and the earth correctly terminated to the case - that's not clear from the photos. The Hypex recommendation to tightly twist the speaker leads has been ignored - IIRC Bruno has said this can cause measurably reduced performance on the nc400. One of the ribbon cables is too short - it looks like it's under tension in one photo, but it could just be the camera angle. I don't know what the loose choc bloc screw terminal is doing, or the coiled black lead by each amp, but it's not reassuring.
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