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Lookin' for a power amp


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Aug 27, 2018
...for a friend's new house, to go inside a big space under stairs. Source will be exclusively an iPad, so one likely scenario would be an AirPlay AVR sitting in the "closet." But that's rather pricey and seems overkill for stereo streaming.
- Another scenario could be a Bluetooth amp if it was a good one-suggestions welcome!
- Or a power amp, driven from a spare AirPort Express I have sitting around which I could give her and pair to the iPad.
I plan to build some high sensitivity speakers into the wall, so huge power is not needed, but I don't want 10-15 watts from a little chip either since this is to fill the house with sound.
- Maybe 30 stout watts is good enough.
- Since it would be on all the time, Class D would be nice for low idle power draw.
Budget maybe $100-200...less is better since she needs to purchase the speaker drivers and grilles...
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