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Living room system for music & movies from Kodi for 1000-1500 USD


New Member
Mar 20, 2022
Hi all,

I've spend some time browsing the forum but I am getting overwhelmed :)

I have a 6mx6m living room, with a projector and listening position is about 3m from the wall. I use an Odroid N2 with Kodi to watch movies currently using some bluetooth speakers, but Odroid supports spdif. Currently mostly used for movies, but I foresee 60% movies 40% music. In my office I use Yamaha HS-5. Music taste in the house is very varied, from jazz / old school swing to electronic via Afro beats.

I would like to get a system for the living room, for about 1000-1500 USD. I don't care much about surround sound (i think), but I enjoy good sound and I think I would like a subwoofer.

I live in Dakar, Senegal (we're on 220v), where listening & sending back & easy repairs are not really feasible. Everything will need to be shipped in or brought on the plane, so compact is a must.

What are your recommendations?



Major Contributor
Sep 26, 2017
I think start by considering what is available in Dakar. - Like maybe Yamaha and Denon etc.
Then there is Amazon, with serious courier cost, and serious import tax too, I suppose.
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