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Linn Selekt Opinions


Senior Member
Aug 1, 2021
Currently, I have an SHD + 2x AHB2, driven by a raspberry pi 4 with Ropiee. I also have a TT preamp (line level output) and a digital out (optic or coax) cd player. Roon, spotify, qobuz are the primary sources.

I find the SHD's user experience sub-par, especially when I have to drive Roon via the RP4. I've tried adding the Roon plugin to Volumio and not had much luck with it. I cannot use uncertified Roon. I also find the Volumio startup delay pretty annoying. The SHD remote is way too complicated for my partner (the 1,2,3,4 buttons, the dirac buttons, etc., that could get hit accidentally) and it cannot control the streaming input anyway.

I'm looking at the Linn Selekt base model + minidsp 2x4 HD via toslink. It would not even need the line out module. The DAC performance does not matter, as it would be digital out to the minidsp. What I'm looking for is an excellent UX for input selection and control.

I'd likely need to do the same trick for 12V trigger as I do with the SHD and use the Bobwire (sp?) for toslink triggering.

So, the question! Are there any Linn Selekt users here? And if so, how is the UX? Is it simple enough for a non-tech person to use well? I'll try to schedule a demo at my local hifi store -- they have an open box one, so I think I can get a decent deal on it.

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