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LCR setup. Will you take up the challenge?


Apr 12, 2024
Greetings from Poland here.

I know that some of you will rup your head and say: what he hell is doing - it will not work and it's rubbish, but let try to find the way from this situation :)

I'm not movie or audio freak :) I can watch the movie with small wireless speaker ;)
It will be rather 60% background music and 40% some streaming projection
It's "simple" 5.1 , rear and sub is not an issue.

I need to find the 3 LCR speakers for this arrangement. One and only placement of the speaker is below:


  • Speakers will be place in wooden bar - it's custom made so the depth is not an issue (for now it's settle for 24 cm but can be deeper)
  • Wooden bar start at 260 cm and its hight is 36cm (that's the max height of the speakers we can put here, we have to calculate also holdings so 32 cm height speaker is valid)
  • Main Listening Position is a couch around 440 cm from the speakers
  • 1712915570317.png
  • What is quite important the room is very high -> 520 cm
  • What I had in mind regarding the price per speaker is around 500$.
  • Idea was to use ready angle speakers - 24-30 degree will be perfect to have it facing the MLP
  • Some questions:
    • Can I use in-Wall Speakers like Revel 553L (highly rated) or any kind of in-wall speakers and angle it those 20-24 degree (that would be also challenging how to mount and angle them - but it's another story) ?
    • Can Left and Right speakers (angled - if sorted from above pint ) be placed both horizontal ? So there will be 3 horizontally placed 553L speakers
    • Or go with Revel W383 as L and R (they will fit - 32 cm) and 553L as central. But still can from technical point of view in-wall speaker be angled those 20-24 degree ?
  • Other idea: Just go with some already angled one (question: if in-ceiling one can be used for in-wall purposes ) like Paradigm CI Pro P80-A v2 or and use 3 of them for LCR. Or any other Angled one like FOCAL 300 ICA 6, TDG AUDIO NFC-83A, JBL STAGE 280CSA or FYNE FA502LCR. (those what I found here in Europe under 500 $)
  • From the list only the last one are "designed" for LCR but it's 15 degree (https://www.fyneaudio.com/product/fa502ic-lcr/), I did wrote to Paradigm regarding if their P80-A can be used as LCR - no response yet.
Could you please help me with this task :) if any more information is needed please let me know !

Thank you for all the help !!! Much appreciated !
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Hi @Buu! Welcome to ASR.

Either In-wall speakers tilted down with a custom-made baffle, or in-ceiling speakers that are tiled down natively, sound like a good idea all things considered.

However, due to the 2-way MTM design, the W553L has extremely narrow horizontal directivity:
Revel W553L Measurements Vertical Directivity in-wall speaker (1).png
(it says vertical, because the speaker was placed vertically during the test).

That would result in a very narrow sweet spot, unless you also pan the left and right W553L inward, which would look pretty ugly IMO.

Therefore, try to look for a 2- or 3-way Coaxial design (KEF), or a 3-way "WTMW" design (e.g. W228Be).

These do not have the same directivity issue and can be mounted without having them aimed directly at the listeners.
@staticV3 thank you for warm welcome and much appreciate your response and guideline. I saw this "narrow" directivity in W553L, but there are so many sacrifice for the setup that I thought I can "overcome" this one. If you say there are better option, marvelous :)

Any particular "budget friendly" options from KEF that you have in mind and any proven quality 3-way "WTMW" design example ?
Given the mounting challenges, I’d get some bookshelf speakers and then custom build brackets to mount them to the beam or ceiling (sideways for height and with a built in angle as desired). The KEF Q350 or Q150 should work with your budget. They often go on sale in the US, especially the Q150.

Three of the KEF Q250c are another interesting option.
@quattro98 thanks !
So from what you are proposing is to go in other direction and look on closed construction - that's another option I have then.
Price range is perfect.

From all 3 KEF's , would you go with full 3 KEF Q250c ? I have to admin that they are most "size" friendly (also found them for like 380 $) for this build. I just wander how they will perform as LR in all horizontal position.

Q350 are like 220$ a pice, so also quite nice. Only case is they are quite deep: 30,6 cm.
2x Q350 (still - need to be horizontally) and 1 central KEF Q250c ?

So maybe other technical question what would be the perfect hight from the floor at MLP (just to calculate spot on angle).
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In your space, I’d get the Q250c so you have a speaker that fits well. Three of them will be fine.

Q650c would be nicer if it fits your space and budget. It has an extra woofer. Even though the speakers look similar, their design is different. The smaller speaker is a two way with Uniq + two passive radiators while the larger speaker is a 2.5 way with Uniq + 1 woofer + 1 passive radiator.

What subwoofer and receiver are you using?
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Ok, got it ! I will have to consult the carpenter about making this wooden space deeper and how to handle the weight:)
Then I can decide if Q650c will fit. From money perspective they are acceptable, yes.

There is a lot going on there wooden bar ( there is also place for projector screen)

Regarding the sub I’m considering svs sb-1000 (maybe 2000 if I will find used one) or REL 1003 (1205 accordingly)

When it comes to receiver - most likely I will go for onkyo tx-nr6100, but other brands in comparable price range are possible :) It's mainly because I wanted 5.1 + utilization of the second zone. I will have open kitchen next to the room and there I will put some bookshelf speakers and I can go with background music leaving room + kitchen.

Longer I'm thinking abut those KEF - I like the idea, thanks @quattro98 . Only think is aesthetic - have to talk to my lady, as she put more into it. Those KEF Q250c or Q650c take a loot of space and even if I will use grill (it's only black).

Also got reposed from Paradigm and their CI Pro P80-A v2 can be used easily for LCR purposes.
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I had some "tough" conversation with my partner and how to put it nicely - no way to put such huge speakers in our main furniture (KEF Q 250c).

So final call for me here 3x. (round and angled):
  • Paradigm CI Pro P80-A
Any advise ?
I lost this battle but I have my own office room to do audio wise and nobody will talk aesthetic there. ;)
Interesting. I suspect that In Wall meets the spousal acceptance factor better? That may be why the otherwise modest KEF option didn't fly.

If they do go with On Wall, something like the SVS Elevation Prime (okay) or Perlisten R4S (though they are twice the price of the JBL so 4x the price of the Paradigm) might be necessary since the speakers are 2 or 3 meters above ear height.

I'm a fan of the In Wall solution because it solves not just the aesthetics factor but also eliminates SBIR and benefits from the baffle effect, effectively increasing the speakers output capability "for free".

But as you note, they have their own challenges.

Another to consider, most assume they are at ear height so something that throws sound at an angle down toward the listeners is going to be key.
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