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L50/E50 Question about conenctions


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Apr 12, 2022
Good evening!

First time posting, but a while lurking reading up about the options I can buy. So, I decided on an E50/L50 stack, as a start, and it is on its way. This should give me good enough performance with enough power at the same time. I am currently using a Game One, just for chatting and gaming with friends. Will eventually grab a PC38X for that, and then grab something else for other Audio entertainment. Maybe an Aeon, or a HiFiman. Not sure yet which other cans to get yet.

Anyway, I know that the RCA is SE and the TRS is Balanced and I am grabbing the RCA connectors that come with the stack, since I grabbed the EPOS Ensemble, so I can use those to start with. I can then grab some nice TRS cables from either Worlds Best Cables, Ghent, or Goodwood, later on. Noob question time: If I grab a really nice set of cans, my thought is to switch to TRS for balanced, but can I have my PC38X plugged in at the same time as my higher-end headphones that I will eventually purchase? I think I can, but don't want to make a newbie mistake, if it can be helped.

Anyway, that is it for now, until I get deeper down the rabbit hole. :)

Also, forgot one last question. Anybody know of a good brand of USB Type-A to Type-B cable? I know it may matter, but do not know to what degree. I checked and cannot find one in my collection of cables...
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