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KH310 sound very tinny, very little bass or low mid. Is it my room?


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Feb 5, 2020
Oxford, England

This is kind of a follow up thread to a recent one about replacements for Focal Solo Be6 with 3 ways.

Earlier today, swapped out the Focal Be6 for a pair of Neumann KH310. The difference in sound is so extreme that I am wondering if something is wrong with (a) the hardware in the room or (b) the room.

Reference tracks that I know very well, sound as if there is an EQ boosting the high end and filtering the low / mids. My room is pretty well treated, and there was nothing like this with the Focals (maybe a bit of brightness as mentioned in the other thread). It sounds like the high end has been turned up and the rest of the frequencies turned down.

I broke my leg a couple of days ago, and so can't get into mad adjustments of speaker position etc. My friend came round to help me put them on the stands and do some basic tests with the dB switches on the back of the monitors.

I'm just wondering what people here think is a likely culprit. Kind of bummed out and surprised, was expecting the opposite!

I'm running a Scarlett 18i20 interface -> CMC2 Monitor Controller -> jack to XLR into the KH310. Same as with the Focals.

It could be that the way I'd set up the focals was just really masking issues with my room, and the famous 'honesty' of these speakers has revealed it. To me it sounds like there's some issue with the amps or god knows what.

Can you try the Scarlett straight into the speakers using digital volume control? Or use a different preamp?
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