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Kef LS50 Wireless II + Kube 10b - bunch of questions


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Feb 4, 2021
Newb here, signed up to reach out as ask for some advice.

I have the Kef LS50W II on stands and paired with the a Kef Sub (Kube 10b). Also have a Pro-ject X2 turntable for analog and Tidal Connect for digital. Great set up, simple, lovely sound. Now just trying to optimize a few things.

High pass / low-pass questions
1. I used to have both the High-pass and the sub out low-pass frequencies at 80Hz (in the Kef app). Now experimenting with 95Hz for both. Is it recommended/necessary to have both frequencies be the same? They are 2 different sliders in the Kef app, so I can choose say 80Hz for the High-pass and 100 Hz for the low pass.
2. Any recommendations on setting up the high and low pass frequencies? I feel that I hear more detail in the bass when the low-pass is at 110Hz. Anything wrong with that?
Side note on the Sub's physical dials. The volume is set to max and the crossover to LFE. Anything I should change here or just make changes in the app?

Adding an extra sub
The Kef LS50W II (unlike the original version) accepts 2 subs. Would I be improving the bass response by adding another Kube 10b? I know that adding a 2nd sub improves the general distribution of the bass in the room, but will the quality /detail/tonality also improve?

Room correction
Outside of the EQ settings in the Kef app, are there easy ways to do some basic room correction? I have no room treatment for the moment, but the room they're in has 2 big rugs and lots of books. Not real acoustic treatment, so looking to see if I can improve on that somewhat. I don't use Roon and feel somewhat intimidated by that process, is there an easier way?

Other recommendations
Outside of the questions above, are other ways I can extract more quality from this system? open to ideas and thoughts.


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Feb 28, 2021
Hi there!

I have a pair of KEF LS50Ws and a KEF KUBE 8b. Your set up sounds identical to my own.

Pro-ject The Classic turntable. Denon DL-301MkII MC cart. Denon SUT into Pro-ject Tubebox S set to MM input, into KEF analogue in.
Chromecast audio puck into optical in (hardly use it these days but it's there)

My speaker configuration is:
KEF LS50W sub out to Left channel of KEF KUBE 8b
On KEF KUBE 8b - Both controls turned to full. Full volume, full crossover (LFE).
Wall/Cabinet EQ (it is actually stuck inside a IKEA KALLAX storage box inside a KALLAX shelf so it's hidden from sight)

I then use the KEF Control app to set the crossover points.

My two cents:

High pass/low pass settings
Personally, I don't think there is a hard and fast rule with this, let your ear be a guide to how it is set. Play some different music styles and see how well the bass is balanced. Personally I like a bit of bass "heft" but don't like teeth rattling amounts of bass. I like bass balanced to the point you wouldn't know there was a sub used, I like it to sound whole. I also have neighbours to consider as I live in an apartment block and bass travels!

I think a bit higher than 80hz sounds good to my ears as it allows the sub to handle more of the bass content. I had a play tonight and I've bumped it up to 110hz to audition and will report back how I go.

i also like using the "Basic" setting, Sub toggled on, and slide the slider between sub/speaker and volume. Simple, and it works well.

Adding an extra sub
I can't do this with my model :-( but given the way ~80hz bass works omnidirectionally in a space I would not bother with it unless your room was huge. Using one sub and getting the sub placement correct for the space is more important.

Room Correction
I think you don't have to overthink or over do this - the DSP of the KEFs is pretty good at handling most rooms and set ups out the box. KEF recommends them to be placed on stands, away from walls, ear listening height, spaced at least 2.5-3M apart, with a sitting distance of same (like a triangle).

I don't have my set up like this though (ha ha!) mine are placed on Ikea KALLAX storage about 15 cm above my listening position, they still sound amazing and the KEF DSP controls can help tweak it, but to be honest even the default KEF sound signature sounded great out of the box.

I like to play with the KEF control sound settings from time to time but I usually just leave it as is.
I got to stop all this tweaking and enjoy my music more!
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