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KEF Cresta 2 - is there an active equivalent? I.e. reasonably abundant 2nd hand, not too expensive, relative to quality?


Jun 27, 2021
Looking to add some sound sources, i.e. speakers / monitors.

I have a spare NAD 3020 amplifier, which sounds awesome, so one option is to add 2x passive speakers L and R from the rear ports there.

I also have a MiniDSP Flex with 4 outputs, which currently is driving 2x active Neumann KH310 monitors and 2x active subwoofers.

I could potentially split the outputs on the MiniDSP although that would lower the amount of control per output, I'd prefer not to do that right now.

The issue I see is that the NAD 3020, it's possible to start adding extra speakers - e.g. have 4 outputs running from the 2 ports on the back of the amp - but this only works if the speakers are active, i.e. don't require so much energy from the amp.

Wondering if there are active monitors that you think might be worth looking for, as the KEF Cresta 2 seem incredible value for money, super easy to find, can easily add 4 to a system without breaking the bank.

It's just in this case adding 4 Kef Crestas would probably break my amp.

Forgive me, I'm not an expert on these matters, I expect I've made some mistakes and assumptions and am happy to be corrected if need be.

Also I'm happy to work a bit unorthodox, i.e. use Audio Hijack to do things like synch 2 different output systems from 1 macbook, stuff like that.
You could probably run the Crestas in series or parallel on that amp and it should work OK as long as you don't want to go super loud. So basically two speakers per output. The KEFs are only rated for 30w so I think it should be OK-ish either way.

Is there any particular objective you're going after with this? Maybe there are alternatives that could be easier or more practical... but I don't see anything so bad about the current plan as long as you're happy with the Crestas.
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