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Kali Audio IN-8v2 (Second Wave) 3-Way Studio Monitor Review


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Mar 27, 2019
Are you off-axis as Erin recommends?
Yeah absolutely. The photo is cropped, but when I’m in the rowing machine the speaker is off to the side, more than 20 degrees.

Here’s why: due to the tweeter to midrange cone interaction) there’s a null just above 10KHz in the on axis frequency response.

Going off axis avoids that. But the tonal balance is still hot, as evidenced by the listening window. (2nd upper most curve)

And the horizontal response:

And the vertical response:

I’ve had a lot of experience to know 1dB makes a difference. IMHO the spinorama/CT2034 standard of 50dB range is far too generous. It’s the power equivalent of 0.001W to 100W

When designing speakers my vertical range is 10dB…
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