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Joachim Gerhard Collection Surveyor Master vs NSMT model 100


May 15, 2021

Audio Science seems to me a kind of island in this complicated hifi world. More on the scientific side than on the marketing side. Always trying to "call things by their proper name". It´s curious because I don´t have any knowledge to understand measurements and graphics, but when I read many of the threads I know that people on this forum is looking for the "truth" even though, as always, there´s nothing perfect and there´s nothing that can please everyone. So, as always, you have all my trust.

Lately, on that impossible mission of finding speakers with deep soundstage and holographic capacity (I say impossible because is something that depends of more factors than just the speakers choice) I have faced two options, very well known because of their imaging qualities: Joachim Gerhard Collection Surveyor Master vs NSMT model 100. When I talked about the Surveyor Master, I must admit that I´m not closed to these specific model; it´s just orientative of what I´m facing: Joachim Gerhard productions (Suesskind, Audio Physic, Bauer...) vs NSMT.

Of both models/companies there is very little information out there. As you know, Joachim Gerhard actually operates with two brands/denominations: Süesskind and Joachim Gerhard Collection (this last one in colaboration with the furniture maker Rose-Handwerk that makes the enclosures). I always get impressed of the nice comments that some speakers from Joachim receive. I´m thinking in the tiny Phenomenon and the Progress LX. This last one seems to impressed (a few understood audiophiles) in the Munich High End Show of 2018. The room of Ana Migthy Sound with the combo Progress LX + Helixir Audio was in the words of some: "intoxicating" (even though a video is not reference:
). Joachim is a reference in terms of soundstage speakers. Nowadays he continues offering upgradings of some of the most famous models of his old company Audio Physic such as the Virgo 2. If you go to the web of Joachim Gerhard Collection (https://joachim-gerhard-collection.com/) there is no reference to the Surveyor Master. I discover this speaker through facebook (https://es-la.facebook.com/JoachimGerhardCollection/). The 24/08/2021 there´s a post with a picture. It is said: "The Surveyor Master: ViaWave Sealed Ribbon, 2x4" Purifi Midwoofer, 2x6,5" Purifi long stroke Woofer in impulscompensation, with 4x6,5" passiv radiators, 40mm solid oak or walnut, white or silver laquer". Picture of the speaker:

Surveyor Master.jpg

Does anyone had the opportunity of hearing this speaker?? In general, what can you said me about the new creations of Joachim Gerhard?? Any comments?? I know that Joachim is very well known here because he participated on some threads.

On the other side we have the most unknown NSMT with the model 100 as the flagship model. And I said unknown because there is less information about them and because I´m from Spain (Europe) so the possibilities of talking with someone in my region that have heard some are very small. The few comments about these speakers, talk about a "holy grail". Stereotimes magazine have choosen them as one of the "Most Wanted Components of the Decade" (http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/most-wanted-components-of-the-decade-digital). It´s true that many of these comments on forums come from the reviewer of this magazine Terry London, an enthusiast of this model and of the brand in general according to the positive comments on the reviews of other models such as 20M Armada or Jamaica. Review in Positive Feedback is also positive. To me what makes a little nonsense is that the "holy grail" is very little known.... Some comments talked about: "the deepest most powerful ... drum whacks that I have ever heard"; "These unassuming speakers may be the best on the market today"; "these are the best speakers I have ever heard hands down"; "The bass was great on the Tektons (Ulfberht) but the bass on these is otherworldly, It's the best I've heard"; "The Model 100 demonstrated ... how it could replicate the original time/space with wrap-around holographic immersion for a you-are-there sense that was greater than I ever experienced from a box speaker. The only times previous I heard this was from a pair of omnidirectional MBL Radialstrahler E101 MkII"...
You can find all these comments on the own maufacturer´s web (https://nsmt-loudspeakers.com/content/model-100).

A speaker of "only" 12.995 $ that can compete with the flagship MBL Radialstrahler E101 MkII and that is very little known... What we are talking about?? Snake oil?? Even though it´s difficult I found some negative criticisms (https://www.audioaficionado.org/showthread.php?p=1016071&nojs=1):
"Just by looking at them, these speakers have severe design flaws. Sharp edges around the tweeter enclosure will create diffraction and reflection that will color the sound and spread transients over time, blurring images. While time aligned due to the physical driver placements, the boundary between the tweeter enclosure and woofer enclosure will create even more diffraction. Comparing these to MBL 101E’s is laughable".

Does anyone know this speakers/company?? Any comment?? Can they compete with Joachim Gerhard speakers in terms of imaging and in general?? Which one would be your personal recommendation??

To have a third option, I also add another possibility: Totem Element Metal V2. Can they compete with the above ones??

Sorry for my english. Let´s hope you understand me.


Mar 7, 2020
You know it will be difficult to find someone who has heard both and made sure their were given their best, let alone predict how it will sound in your room. I only have experience with one of Joachim's creations - the little brother - the Surveyor. Actually the monoandstereo pictures are of my own pair.

In short - I am not affiliated to Joachim in any way other than being a customer. I have had several of his speakers, it all started with a review in Stereophile of his Sonics Anima and the way it was described. I was enchanted when I got it. It was a good speaker but did not have much in the lower octaves. Then I waited for one year to receive a pair of Progress and that was all I needed in a speaker, it easily left in the dust a friend's pair of Harbeth 40.2 Anni, the system is one of those 100K+. In EVERY department. Including bass. My friend immediately bought his Beo LX and they are stunning.

The Beo LX uses a beryllium tweeter and that revealed some extremely fine details that I was missing in the Progress and I asked Joachim if he could upgrade my progress with a similar. He said the only tweeter that he likes more than the SB beryllium is the Viawave and it has nothing to do with the dreaded detailed but thin and unnatural feel I get with ribbons.

I bought the first Surveyor made and it is simply amazing. It uses passive radiators, has very few elements on the crossover and has the single most important quality I need - absolute coherency. I hate hearing impressive speakers that cannot create a coherent stage, a cymbal starts it sounds at 100Hz and goes up to 10kHz, if the crossover is not good you hear several different instruments, at least I do(don't kill me for saying that). The surveyor has no problem with coherence and in the midrange it is as good as my Jordan Eikona 2. The Purify driver is already a legend in what it can do in the lower end.

The NSMT is probably also good, I have followed some of those reviewers for years and they chose their words carefully, unhappy customers send nasty emails to reviewers if they mislead them, I hope you can audition first, I would not buy anything without having it in my room.

Hope that helps somehow.


Major Contributor
Jun 23, 2019
Joachim has a good ear and he's an engineering lead iterative designer with a fine pedigree in speakers. If you ever get the chance to hear his Sussekind phonostage you should jump at the chance. It's one of the very best, lowest noise phonos you can own.


Jan 16, 2021
Hi, I have the NSMT 100s and they are the best speakers I have ever heard. The sound stage is amazing with depth, clarity and instrument separation. The powered bass driver means my Pass Labs xa25 amp is driving the mid range and tweeter only. There may be as good sounding speakers and possibly better but this is the last speakers I will own because they are that good and yes at a much lower price. I have not heard any issues with the tweater design causing problems. The silk dome tweater is a much smoother sound than a metal tweater. Happy to answer any questions on the NSMT's and film them or help in any way. Honestly if there are other speakers that sound better I would not pay the money for them as the NSMT 100s are that good to my ear. Best JH
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