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JBL Stage 125C Review (Center Speaker)

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Addicted to Fun and Learning
Sep 24, 2020
Are you saying that the only way to know something about a product is to own it? So, if someone wants to buy one of the fastest cars made, they should ignore all reviews in which cars have been tested in the 1/4 mile with factual numbers presented? After all, how do you know unless you own it and use it, according to you. So people should just buy random cars until they find the one they "feel" is the fastest….be sure to ignore horsepower ratings…..facts don't matter right? OR, maybe someone should use objective facts on cars that have been tested by others, and pick the really fast car that they like the best, take THAT car for a spin and buy it if they like it. I think most folks are going to agree that having facts available to make an informed purchase decision is a good thing. Let's try your route….there's a bunch of kids that apparently think the Honda Civic is really fast, so lets go with that. Your reasoning is silly. The kid that owns the Honda Civic might have the subjective opinion that it is fast, but the guy in the Tesla Plaid(fastest production car in the world, and I didn't have to buy one to know this) would probably disagree.
As far as something as subjective as a speaker, well uh yeah. I think that makes sense. Or at least actually HEAR it.

Reading specifications only tells you so much. I get you are one of those guys that likes to be right all the time and likes to argue, but think about what you just asked me......

Your car comparisons are meaningless. How about gourmet coffee instead??

No my reasoning is not silly at all. Anyone should HEAR a speaker or own it to truly know what it does or how it sounds.

Do you believe you know more by reading some specs than someone that owns and has heard a speaker? To put it the opposite way.

Beer Budget

Apr 14, 2021
Located at the center of the observable universe!
Please help me understand if the JBL Stage 125 Center will make sense for me. There was mention in amirm's review that it may work well in a vertical orientation. I have Audyssey room correction to help out. Because of the price I am thinking of buying 3 of these and using them LCR. I think I am looking for the JBL sound although I've never heard them, less horn, less nasal, less shouty, more detailed than my DJ loudspeakers. I am dying to hear authentic singers voices, violins, cellos, guitars, etc.

At first I thought of bookshelf speakers, but am I correct in thinking I'll get 3 more db if there are two midrange drivers per speaker? If it's LCR's I'll have six drivers instead of 3. Hoping this will help the cinematic experience. Also, I have two big subwoofers with plenty of power. So these JBL Stage 125 Centers will be used for 80-100 hz on up.

An LCR setup for $360 sounds like a steal. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
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