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Issues with Topping EX5 and desktop system setup


Jun 19, 2020
BAQ, Colombia
Hi folks,
Just an update if anyone is interested, following the previous plan to use Neutrik EMC-XLR cable connectors. So the new XLR cables to 8010a speakers with Neutrik EMC are on now, which don't eliminate the mobile phone interference completely. If the phone is literally above the XLR connectors, the noises remain produced. But if the phone is somewhere else on the desk, it seems there is some improvement. By the way, if I use my Sennheiser HD600 headphones, it is completely fine. I can't say I am 110% happy, but I will leave this for now. I am just super curious how that happens electronically-wise, and if anyone else with EX5 experiences such phenomenon.
Thanks all for the kind replies!

I keep my phone (iPhone) about 35cm away on a wireless charger. I never really get any cabling close to my phone. No noise, no issues.
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