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Is there a technical difference between DT990 250 Ohm Edition and DT990 Black Edition ?

Dec 10, 2020
I have the DT990 Black Edition and I am curious if there is a technical difference. Beyerdynamic claims that the two versions are only different in terms of looks but the DT880 and the DT880 BE don't sound the same either, according to https://diyaudioheaven.wordpress.com/headphones/measurements/brands-a-i/dt880-black-se/

According to the measurements, it seems that even if you swap the ear pads of the DT880 BE it wouldn't sound exactly the same as the original DT880(maybe manufacturing tolerance ?).

Do you know something concrete about that ?


Senior Member
May 18, 2020
(maybe manufacturing tolerance ?).
Maybe, but probably different damping of the driver. Whereas some headphones have no damping material at all, Beyer tends to use copious amounts of felt both in front and behind the driver on the regular DT 880 Edition for example.
The ear pads are different for sure, unfortunately Beyer doesn't give any information about that.
In fact, Beyers lineup of the DT XX0 versions has really gotten out of hand, there are like eight different versions of the DT 880 alone.
As far as your specific headphones go: there are two different "DT990 Black Edition", the "Pro Black Edition" and the "Black Special Edition" - wich one do you mean?

I guess you see my point; unless someone happens to own at least four different versions of the DT 990 (normal and black Pro, normal and black Edition), I doubt anyone could really tell you.
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