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Iota VX SA3 as a preamp... thoughts?


Dec 16, 2019
I'm looking into upgrading my amp (Iota stack) but I'm coming across a difficulty. The integrateds I'm looking at don't have the preamp section the Iota has. I thought I would hate it but having a remote that moves volume in 1db increments and shows me the numbers has hugely improved the way I listen to music, and that's mostly at night.

So if I could keep that, I would. I don't need anything else besides the volume and control and one RCA input has everything is plugged to the external DAC.

What confuses me is the price of preamps and some sort of popular wisdom that says that mixing pre and power amps from different brands in seldom a good idea. I've came across a post of two years ago from a member that was very happy pairing the SA3 with big expensive power amps, and I'll PM him, but was wondering if anyone else has a similar experience or thoughts on this. Thanks!
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