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InDIYana 2022 Speaker DIY event; "Missing Link" challenge included...


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Nov 21, 2020
InDIYana 2022 will be Friday May 6/Saturday May 7. Pertinent info at the website link, and is most concise as to needed information.
Information to be updated as it happens.

We are having a 'Voicing Day' In LaPorte on Jan 29th, see posted address on website.
We are minimal in RSVP at this point for Voicing Day. Just 6 of us. Please let us know if you are coming.

To Download measurement file for Missing Link competition/challenge, see event website or look here:

For those whom are international and want to be included in the challenge, please contact Mark at Meniscus.
Please register (via e-mail or in response here) and let us know if you want to attend in either Voicing or Actual event days,
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