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I2S DAC recommendations for Linkplay / up2stream (dlna, Spotify etc) streamer module?


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Aug 20, 2021
I have a number of Linkplay Wiimu a31 boards combined with their daughter boards by linkplay/arylic/Up2Stream etc.

What alternative DAC would you suggest would work with them?

...Or Read on if you're not familiar with the linkplay as There seems to be very little on the internet about their operation and modification.
My understanding:
The linkplay A31 module handles the connectivity and streaming components (airplay, Spotify, dlna etc) outputting all signals as 44.1 kHz 16 bit to the daughter boards which have a microcontroller / DAC etc.
- the A31 operates as slave
- the daughter board as master providing LRCK and BCLK
Option 1:
The you can connect different DACs to the daughter board which has convenient i2s out albeit limited to 44.1 kHz 16bit.
Option 2:
Directly to the a31 module if your DAC outputs LRCK / BCLK at 44.1 kHz 16bit etc

Due to my lack of knowledge I have only tried option 1 using I believe a cheap pcm5102 DAC (pretty sure it was pcm5102 and not pcm5122). It looks like this:

My understanding is the pcm5122 has an internal PLL so it acts as a slave operates4
44.1 16bit.
On the diyaudio forum they interfaced an ADAU1401 but cutting off the crystal and soldering on a new one to achieve 44.1.
My understanding is is the A31 sends a request to the service for the audio and requests it at 44.1 khz 16bit and this cannot be altered. Thus any processing of the audio at i2s needs to match others you will essentially increase the tempo of the music.

Firstly, I have never seen a measurement of those cheap pcm5102 boards and am curious how they rate?
Secondly, cam anyone recommend a better DAC?
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