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I traded my Roon DSP for an analog EQ


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Jan 29, 2019
I was using Roon DSP parametric EQ for room response correction in my two channel system. Since I am an old guy with a sizable LP collection I also was using a DBX 15 band graphic EQ for roughly replicating the correction when using an analog source. It was a pain because I had to patch it in and out every time I wanted to use it. The EQ bypass button zeroed the filters but the signal still passed through active circuitry. The purist in me didn’t like the idea of passing sound through a circuit I didn’t need when using Roon EQ. I looked for an EQ with a “hard” bypass and bought one. The Behringer FBQ3102HD is a 31 band stereo EQ with a relay bypass that connects the outputs to inputs when in bypass or turned off. I used REW to adjust it to approximately the same curve I was getting from my Roon filters. I did no blind testing. I like the way it sounds with Roon and my turntable so at this point I am using it all the time. I am quite sure that, using consumer levels, the S/N ratio is nothing to write home about but I don’t hear any noise unless I stick my ear against the speaker grills so it’s good enough for me. Currently on sale at Sweetwater for $149. It’s back ordered. I waited a month for mine. It’s not for everyone or every purpose but if you want or need a graphic EQ this is a pretty nice one dirt cheap.
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