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How far have ss amps really come in the last twenty years??

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Jul 6, 2019
Sin City, NV
What issues do you have with adequately-sized after market power cords, with twisted conductors and one or two layers of shielding? Do you see no benefits?
None. I like the looks of many of them, and would even consider buying them for that reason (up to about $40 or so max). If I thought they made a change in a given component... then I'd replace it and never buy from that company again. I'd also be far, far more likely to buy one marketed as "looks great, but sounds exactly the same" than I would if they were claiming "blacker blacks, brighter highs..." etc. Luckily, those that make ridiculous claims price their crap way over my limit for purely aesthetic treatments - so it's a non-issue.

My quip was simply that if a consumer product was likely to kill you - it would be more likely to do so because of after-market modification (i.e. a poorly made 'luxury' cable) than it ever would be with the cord it came with. If that wasn't the case - then that company will be going bankrupt in 5...4...3...2...1
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