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Home office audio system


New Member
Oct 8, 2021
I'm very happy with Topping EX5 -> Presonus Sub8 -> iLoud MTM. My study is roughly 2 x 3m and the listening distance is under 1m (80-90cm).

MTM's are high passed at 80Hz via the Sub8 and sound better for it. It's also a very compact and simple system. The DSP in the MTMs is much more than a gimick for me. The left monitor is 10cm in front of the rear wall and the right one sits infront of a bay window, about 1m away from the glass. So the ability to automatically EQ the monitors individually was very attractive.
Interesting! I'm planning to buy one of this Sub8 for me too, to pair with my JBL One Series 104s. Do you felt a better punch and definition in the low-end with the Sub8? Is your room somehow treated?
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