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Hifiman HE-R9 Clipping with Balanced Cable


May 10, 2021
I just received my Hifiman HE-R9, I ordered these since I wanted closed back headphones that were light and worked with the same cable since I already have a HE560 v4. I'm using an ifi Zen CAN amp and noticed if I use the balanced cable the headphones start to clip around 11 o'clock so they sit around 10 which is sometimes a bit too low. I don't have any issues with the single-ended cable and am able to crank the volume up when needed.

Maybe someone here can explain to me why it's clipping. I assume this is the expected behavior when using a balanced cable at high volume with dynamic headphones? The HE560 v4 doesn't have any issues with the cable.

Edit: Maybe I should return these and just get the Aeon RT which is the same weight.
Edit 2: Just read the manual and it appears I need a single-sided 3.5mm balanced cable
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