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Hidizs S9 PRO Measurements (DAC Dongle)


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Jun 9, 2021
I'd like to listen to my Sennheiser HD660S from my phone with a dongle, preferably balanced. So I'm having doubts between this S9 Pro and the E1DA 9038Sg3.

What are the benefits between one another..? To me a benefit is with the S9 Pro is that I can listen to unbalanced headphones too.

PS. Can anyone reccomend me a nice working 2,5 to 4,4 mm cable/adapter?
I own both the 9038s G3 and the S9 Pro. Both are good, generally. In my case, I have occasional problems with the 9038 with it stopping and not re-starting for an unpredictable period. I have no idea why this occurs; it seems like a weird circuit-protection reaction or perhaps just a gremlin in my personal set up. I also have a subjective response that whenever I switch between the S9 Pro and the 9038s, the 9038 sounds "darker" or more closed in and the S9 more "open". I again have no idea why this should be, but I notice it every time I switch, even when I'm not even thinking about SQ at all. YMMV. Others have given 9038s good grades, but I have had a mixed experience. I still pull the 9038s out now and then but the S9 Pro is my standby: always works, flexible SE/Bal configuration, drives low impedance/high current DCA Noire headphones really well. I'm an S9 Pro fanboy by now.
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