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Hidizs S9 & Music (iTunes) on Mac


Mar 12, 2021
So, I picked up the Hidizs S9 after the review here and, because I am a big AKM DAC fan (let's hope they get the fire gutted factory rebuilt in a timely manner…) and I like a excellent performing bargain. The LED is too bright though…
Anyhow, I was going to use it in my car but decided instead, to use it in my office on a new Mac Mini M1 with Mac OS 11 Big Sur I just got.
I was chatting with Amir who, after a short exchanged, told me to go to the forums so, here I am.
He said the Mac or Windows or any operating system messes with the audio unless you use a program like Fidelia, BitPerfect, Vox or one of the many more expensive full on apps like Amarra, Audirvana, et al. They operate in different ways but essentially/supposedly intercept the playback to minimize the OS from doing anything to the PCM.
For the sake of this discussion, since I am talking about Mac OS, let's keep it on that please. Big Sur too, if we can.
I was curious, so I started reading as much as I could. BitPerfect (which, vexatiously, has not updated their web site since 2019) had an article they wrote and they basically admitted, iTunes now called Music, is bit perfect. But, somehow, BitPerfect (the app) makes the sound better/purer. Eh?
“Of course, iTunes itself is also capable of delivering ‘bit perfect’ audio playback.” link to BitPerfect blog post
One big advantage to BitPerfect and probably the other apps is that, they automatically switch the outgoing bit rate to match the music and DAC. No more setting the Audio MIDI Setup if you play anything above 16/44.1. That is handy. But the rest is… snake oil… as far as I can tell.
Looking at various sources from Apple to other web sites, I read more about how, Music (iTunes) is bit perfect.
All this “bit perfect” software does nothing to making the bits perfect, as far as I can tell.
Now, I know some are fuming over what I am saying but, before you come back with your view or call me names, please show us exactly (in understandable English please, not engineer talk) how any of these “bit perfect” players is less messing around like, supposedly, Mac OS and/or Music does.
Also, keep in mind, I am talking about using Music (iTunes) as a place to store and manage and play back things burned from a source, like a CD collection into something like ALAC. Not lossy file types. You might also have some Hi-Res files you bought too. Not streaming (except FLAC via a radio station stream via browser). Not MP3 or AAC files you bought. All through the S9 via USB C and out 3.5mm to a system.



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