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HHB CDR 850 Track Data Recording


Dec 6, 2018
Hi everyone,

Hoping some CD recording folks are around. I recently found an HHB CDR 850. I'm new to standalone CD recording, and hoping someone can clarify something. My question is regarding the recording of track data from a digital source. The manual states that it's possible to automatically record track numbers from digital input signals (optical etc.) However it seems to imply the source is from hardware in this context (CD, DAT, MD).

If I have a source recording on my PC (perhaps .wav and a .cue file, or maybe a mounted .ISO), is there software that will output the track data through a digital stream so that the HHB will automatically record the tracks? The source audio will likely be a continuous file with few/no silent parts between tracks, so the auto track write feature using gaps/silence on the HHB would not work. There's an option to manually indicate tracks during a real-time recording, however I'd prefer to avoid that.

My audio interfaces are an RME Babyface Pro FS and a Motu 828es. I also have an RME ADI-2 FS.

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