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Help me pick an amp


New Member
May 4, 2023

I have a pair of Harbeth HL Compact 7ES-3 speakers, a Bluesound Node and no amp.
My budget for the amp is $1000.

I mostly listen to jazz quartets, classical chamber music, some Rock and Blues. My source is my music files on my PC and I have Roon and Tidal subscriptions. I listen to music at a low volume and I sit about 3 meters from the speakers and the distance between speakers is 2 meters.

I almost purchased a 85wpc Yamaha A-S501 (recommended by some people from the Harbeth users forum) but yesterday I found a 1985 serviced 45wpc Naim Audio Nap 110 amp + NAC 42 preamp for the same price. I cannot audition the amp at my place with my speakers.

What would be the best choice: the vintage Nap 110+NAC 42 or a brand new Yamaha A-S501?

By the way, the Yamaha A-S501 is 85wpc but the A-S701 is 100wpc. Do you know if the main difference between them is 15w or also the sound quality?

Thank you very much
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