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Help me choose temporary speakers


Jan 11, 2022
My Paradigm's are shot(drivers are gone), so I have no speakers. They will be wall mounted for sure. I would like to get the Revel M55XC as they are the only Revel's I have room for, but they aren't available until June or July. Thats a long time with no music. Also using a Dayton subwoofer.
So I want to get good but not necessarily permanent speakers, After reading about the modded Pioneer SP-BS22 or Philharmonic AAM these sound perfect, problem is they are not available any more. The newer replacements are just too deep.
So whats not too expensive, sounds good, and isn't too large. Size max about 12 inches high by 8 inches wide by 10 inches deep.
I would imagine front or bottom ported would be ideal for mounted on wall but rear ported good be stuffed. Since I have a sub bass performance isn'ta huge requirement.
Temporary budget is around $200-300 a pair. Cheaper would be even better.
What sound ? Detailed but not bright, maybe between a Emotive B1+ and a Wharfedale 220. So far Erin's Polk XT15 looks like a great candidate.
If I got the Philharmonic AAM drivers, would they work in another enclosure? Guess that would be a good sound to shoot for also.
Unless someone has a pair somewhere maybe I could pry out of there hands ?
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