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Help identifying Elac Sub 2050 service port


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Mar 23, 2016
Sweden, Stockholm
Since IOS 13 I’m not able to control my Elac Sub 2050 anymore. Setup of the sub is done thru iPad/iPhone Bluetooth connection. New Elac firmware is needed to enable IOS 13 Bluetooth connection.

Elac just released said firmware with update instructions. Instructions:

Disconnect the power cable and wait 5 minutes.
2. Unzip and Save the attached file ‘elacs12.hex’ to a root of a of usb flash drive.
3. Insert the thumb drive into the service port of the subwoofer.
4. Plug the subwoofer in.
5. The blue LED will go through a series of blinking on and off.
6. Once the LED turns off and stays off, unplug the device.
*note* if the LED turns on and stays on for longer than 5 minutes. It means the process failed, so restart at step 1.
7. Remove the thumb drive.
8. Wait another 5 minutes and turn the subwoofer back ON by plugging it back in.

The instructions seems to be wrong! The service port on the sub looks like below picture, not a USB port.

So, I need help in identifying the port.



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Nov 4, 2017
East Coast, USA
No USB flash drive is going to fit that jack. It looks like a proprietary design as you might find on some brands of digital camera. You'll need to contact ELAC to see if they offer an adapter or a referral to somewhere you can get one.
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