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Headphone Amp for severe hearing loss


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Jan 7, 2021
Houston, TX - USA
Yeah, ‘normal’ hearing (the coloured part of the top band) stops at 0.

Your first graph shows a good deal as -10db. That’s 10db above ‘normal hearing - 10db above a newborn baby.

Unless it’s adjusted for age?

I’m guessing you’re young (compared to most of us. That’s an exceptional result.

If you consider a 56 years old guy a young person, then thanks for the compliment :)


Feb 10, 2020
Correcting hearing deficiencies is not a simple matter. I don't believe you can frequency correct using audio gear and achieve the results that a high-end hearing aid can. I own a pair of Oticon Opn 1 hearing aids. Every year I have a hearing test and my audiologist adjusts the programs. There are two, one for conversation, the other for music listening.

If you are hearing deficient, and 1/3 of all newborns are to some extent, you have no idea how much a well-calibrated set of hearing aids can enhance your music listening enjoyment. The older you are, the more likely it is that you have traumatized your hearing to an extent that distorts what you hear. It may not matter in normal speech, but it may very well matter when you listen to music.

This year I'm switching to a pair that is specifically engineered for musicians. There are two brands that have phone-app EQ capability. You can make adjustments as you are listening to music in real time. Good audiologists have samples you can use for a few days on a trial basis. I am scheduled for my first trial in a week.

Hearing aids are not cheap, but I consider them to be a key part of the audio chain. I think of our ears as the last bit of hardware in the audio chain. My audiologist tells me most people he tests have hearing deficiencies, to a lesser or greater extent. They don't all affect music listening to the same extent. My deficiency does. Over the years, my left ear midrange dip has grown. My right ear takes a 45 degree dive starting at 1kHz.

I knew long ago that I could not evaluate audio gear with uncorrected hearing. Arguments get rather heated when audiophiles discuss if cables make a difference or if amps basically all sound the same. I believe those who say there is no difference. Two individuals in my audio club, out of 12, were consistently the ones claiming no difference in a cable shoot-off we held. They were ecstatic when they got good hearing aids and finally heard what the rest of us were hearing, with cables and other gear we compared.

I don't fully trust reviewer recommendations because they don't publish their hearing acuity, or if they have a deficiency and have made corrections. It is a huge gap in reviews supposed to help us make buying decisions. I will report on the brands and models that I can recommend after I trial them. For now, I would strongly discourage anyone from trying to fix their hearing deficiencies using external EQ devices. As some here have said, they are not likely to work, at least they did not in my limited experimentation. Music sounded downright horrible.

Correcting our hearing properly is not cheap. The very best hearing aids are up to $6,600, depending on the number of channels they use. The greater the number of channels, the higher their accuracy. However, the never-ending search for gear and room treatments is not cheap either.

Please avoid damaging your ears any further. Engage a good Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor to make sure your ears are basically sound, and an excellent audiologist to guide you through the correction process. I found it to be money very well spent. Reviewers talk about audio devices that are Giant Killers. You can only be sure that audio hardware is good if you can hear accurately. Good hearing aids are the only device I consider to be a true Giant Killer.
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