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Harman Kardon Omni Adapt+ Review (Streamer)

Sep 13, 2018
The cromecast seams to be very good if one uses ROON . Its a very bad sounding and measuring unit with the google chromecast app.
Chromecast Audio (CCA) doesn't measure well when using Google Chrome browser as a client, however subsequent testing by Amir using both Roon and the Hi-Fi Cast Android app as clients shows that the CCA exhibits excellent measurements when using its Toslink output connected to a decent DAC.

The Google Cast API appears to be competently designed, and correctly implemented by Roon, Hi-Fi Cast and presumably other apps (there's no such thing as "the google chromecast app")....but it's puzzling why this HK streamer butchers bits after receiving an input via the Google Cast API, while the CCA doesn't.
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Apr 7, 2018
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UPDATED: Do these even work anymore? - Yes, but a workaround needed, and a bad Harman customer service story.

I have Harman Omni "Plus" speakers that use the same WiFi initialization setup as this Omni Adapt+. All of them require the free IOS or Android Harman Controller App for initial setup and will not connect to anything but Bluetooth without it. The IOS app works fine for this. The Android App has a bug and hangs when it tries to connect the speakers to Wi-Fi. It never works.

When I contacted Harman technical e-mail support they informed me that the Controller App was discontinued and to just use them as Bluetooth speakers. If this is true, perhaps they should note this on the current Harman Adapt+ sales page. That their $200 Adapt Plus is now just a Bluetooth Receiver because the required setup app is discontinued. My polite E-mail replys to Harman Tech on this have not yet been answered.

If you have any of these there is a Work-Around. The Adapt+ and all of the Omni+ speakers also have WPS button Wi-Fi Connection. That works. After the WPS connection is made, both IOS and Android Apps work great for completing setup, and Spotify Streaming and Chromecast work fine.
However, if they really do pull the Controller apps from the Play/App stores, do not delete the apps from your phone. You still need them to complete setup.
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Feb 1, 2021
I got this Plus version years ago, exactly for its Chromecast and optical output. Listening by headphones directly I discovered it is not good so I only used it by optical. Nice to see a confirmation.
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