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Good active speakers for £1k


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Feb 15, 2018
London, UK
Looking for a good pair of compact active speakers for the office. Candidates are the Sonos Play:5, the BeoLab 3 and the BeoLab 8000 MK2 / 8002.

The Sonos are about £800 with discount and the BeoLabs go for about the same on eBay.

Wondering if anyone with experience can recommend?

Reviews I've read suggest the Play:5 get down to about 30Hz of clean bass and can go to about 110db cleanly:

It can of course be extended with a sub if the bass proves inadequate.

The BeoLab 8002 goes down to 48Hz.

The BeoLab 3 goes down to about 50Hz.

My previous (passive speaker) setup was a bit insane - KEF speakers with a FR of 35Hz to 20kHz +/-3dB (those are KEF anechoic measurements) - so for me large amounts of prodigious and clean bass are something I've missed a *lot* - kinda hoping to get an active setup a fraction of the size and cost which comes close.
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