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Golden Age of Japanese Audio

Jul 9, 2019
Yikes!!! At least the Hitachi seller posted photos of the inside with the listing... I am not sure I would be stable if I bought sight unseen to find this inside! Wow!
The company posting these pictures (very informative on repairs - all in German) managed to repair it but also explained why this happens.

In many countries like Germany and the Netherlands we used to have 220V/AC, but European harmonization gradually increased this to 230V/AC starting from 1988 until 2004.
When those big buffer elco's are operated close to nominal value as was the case here (88V for 90V nominal), the 5% increased input voltage actually pushed it beyond spec!

Chances are therefore that many pre-1988 amplifiers suffer from this problem, depending on how tight the headroom was.
Jul 9, 2019
Fork over € 229,000 to audioscope.net and be the proud owner of this great Technics set - you could own this today! It certainly looks the part.

Link to the SE-A1 power amplifier
Link to the SU-A2 pre-amplifier
Link to the SB-10000 speakers
Link to the RS-1500u, the little brother of the RS-1800u open reel tape deck on sale here
Link to the SL-1000mk2, which apparently is an SP-10MK2 placed in the SH-10B3 obsidian plinth, with the same outboard SH-10E power-supply and the all-time-best EPA-100 tonearm.

Finally, the EPC-100Cmk3 cartridge alone would set you back € 1,890 as NOS
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Mar 1, 2016
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Guys this is a happy fun thread , lets not spend a bunch of time bitchin about how crap hifi mags and media are .
I thought that was "happy, fun" talk, no???

Besiede it He bought one of the best radios you could buy:
Marantz St 8
Man that Marantz is a beauty, one of the nicest I ever remember JMHO


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Oct 11, 2018
BTW, I also like the 'naked' power-amps Pioneer made in the 70s, like the M-25

It's just classy somehow.
I owned an M-25. It was part of the Series 20 thing Pioneer was hawking back then. Also had the matching preamp. Strange. To me the amp didn't really seem too powerful. It sure looked cool. The matching preamp, C-21, was just as nice looking, but developed noisy contacts, with some intermittent connections. I was really disappointed that something so cosmetically nice would be so electrically substandard. Sold both as a set.

If I was going to go retro, I'd spring for a refurbed Spec preamp and amp over the Series 20 stuff. There is a Yoo-Toob video of a guy repairing and aligning a Pioneer Series 20 FM tuner. My god! What a design nightmare. Great tuner. Just incredibly screwball design. No way you could find anyone that would get something like that going, again. I think he kept at it more as a Moby Dick kind of thing. He wasn't going to let it eat him first. And to his credit, he did get it going.

Pioneer also made a Class A version of that amp, the M-22. Looked the same as the M-25, but was 30 watts per channel, instead of 130, or so. I never understood the Class A mystique. I had a Yamaha amp with a front panel switch--you could go from A to A/B and compare. I couldn't tell any difference.
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