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Genelec 8030c vs ELAC DBR62 + nCore

What Do

  • Keep DBR62+NC400 combo, it’s enough

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Buy 8030c, it’s simpler and better

    Votes: 13 81.3%

  • Total voters


Active Member
May 26, 2020
Washington DC, USA
Ok, so my home office, 12ft x 12ft x 10ft (ceiling) is being renovated. I currently have a pair of DBR62 speakers powered by a monoblock NC400 each. Subwoofer is a Genelec 7060B.

I'm thinking about swapping out the DBR62 & NC400s with a pair of Genelec 8030c, mostly to save space and keep a clean look. In either case, the subwoofer would remain the same.

Essentially this:
Roon Bridge > Topping EX5 > Genelec 7060B > NC400 > DBR62

or this:
Roon Bridge > Topping EX5 > Genelec 7060B > Genelec 8030c

Is there any measurable advantage to the Genelec pair over what I have now, though? What would you folks do?
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