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Genelec 7060B Amplifier Replacement

May 26, 2020
Washington DC, USA
So I’ve bought a 7060B for a small office system with DBR62 for main speakers, driven by a pair of Hypex NC400 monoblocks.

I’m going to integrate it with the DBR62 using the built in adjustable gain and crossover, but I don’t anticipate needing any other features of the sub, I bought it at a good deal, and it seems a quality product for the price (I paid $300).

The question I’d like to pose to this talented crowd, though:

I would prefer a Class D amplifier in this sub, and maybe one with higher power. I’m handy with electronic builds, so this is not a skills issue, but from an integration perspective, does anyone see a problem with me replacing the 120w Class AB unit with, say, a 250w or 500w UcD unit? Surely the Peerless cone could handle it, and I could probably use the gain control to compensate for any change in level.

is this a terrible idea?
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