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FX Audio DAC-X6C (PartsExpress buyout from the winter) - anyone have/use one?


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Dec 12, 2019
I searched here & found only one reference, which is pretty cursory.



Curious as to whether anyone else invested in/fell for one of these ;) and if so what you thought of it?
I bought one of these when they were on clearance from PE (Christmas present to myself), mostly to try/use as a USB DAC.
I really have nothing appropriate to compare it to -- there are a couple of other DACs here, but they're older and/or they've been tweaked.

It is a cute little box, but:

1) The output level from the LINE OUT RCA jacks on the back is low (even with -- I think -- the volume turned all the way up... kind of hard to tell, really, since the volume control's a rotary encoder and not a real pot).
2) The sound is kind of bright and a little thin relative to the Bryston BDA-1 DAC I usually use for hifi.

Just curious if anyone else had or had used one?

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