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FS: Various RPi DAC/Transport HATs/RPis


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Jul 24, 2018
For sale: a selection of RPi HATs some in cases with attached RPis. Freeing up some space as none of these are ever used!

1 x Mamboberry LS DAC+ - 40GBP
1 x Ian Isolator Pi - 30GBP
1 x Ian Isolator Pi / Ian Isolator DoP to DSD converter - 50GBP
SOLD 1 x Allo Kali - 50GBP
1 x Audiophonics I-Sabre V2 ES9023 - 30GBP
SOLD 1 x Allo Piano 2.1 - 30GBP
1 x HiFiBerry Digi B+ - 20GBP
1 x HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro /Silver Case/ RPi 3 - 65GBP
1 x IQAudio 2015 Pi-DAC+/Pi-AMP+/RPi 3/Case - 90GBP
SOLD 1 x Pi2Design 503HTA/RPi 3 - 100GBP

Pictures here.
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