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FS/US: Genelec G Four Speakers (Pair) Perfect Condition Class A/B


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Feb 18, 2021
Price if $1800 incl. shipping in cont. USA. Buy with confidence, I take superb care of my equipment, you can see my ratings on us audiomart or audition or avs forums under user id dvzzz.
These speaker need no introduction, they are one of best sounding speakers that I have heard, they involve me in music on my work desk while I work. Due to an unexpected financial issue I have to sell them, never thought I would but things happen.

They come in new raw unfinished look from Genelec and they are considered to be sustainable as they reduce use of paints and thinners. Patina is unique to each speaker as they oxidize.

They retail for $2675 (with tax).

My loss is your gain. I take superb care of my audio equipment and would never sell these pair, I have to downgrade to recover funds.


Pair of Genelec G Four Speakers
Two Power Cables
Factory boxes


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