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FS: JBL M2 Reference Monitor, LCR


Sep 1, 2017
Selling 3, JBL M2 Reference Monitors. Plenty of good information out there on these. JBL spent a great deal of time developing these and it shows. I was lucky enough to hear these prior to purchase at Harman in LA. I also took part in the M2 shootout. Having owned the Salon2 and M2 at the same time I preferred The M2 for what I considered better imaging in stereo versus the Salon2.

Speakers are in very good condition. Fit and finish on these do not replicate that of fine furniture as they are considered industry tools versus show pieces. I have always been more of a go versus show guy though. Being flat black allows them to disappear a bit better anyways which to me is an advantage for those going behind a screen or creating the illusion of disappearing.

I am selling the loudspeakers only. These are not small nor light. Pickup would be preferred but shipping via freight is an option. All original packaging is available.

There are many different ways to drive these with either the recommended amps from Harman or alternatives for the required DSP and other amps. I drove with many options successfully. Please look around for info as there are many choices available. The last amp I was using will be available for purchase shortly.

Reason for sale is that I have not been using these or any of my equipment for far too long to justify the investment.
Asking $11,000. Located in 27295.

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