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FS: Hifiman Sundara + Schiit Lyr 3


Apr 16, 2021
Last winter I was waiting for a pair of Magnepan LRS speakers to arrive. It ended up taking 5 months....About a month in, I bought a pair of Hifiman Sundara headphones, a Bluejeans custom cable, and a Schiit Lyr 3 tube hybrid dac/pre/headphone amp. I bought all of the items direct from the manufacturers. The system sounds great! But eventually my LRSs arrived, and I prefer to listen via them instead of headphones. And so here's your chance to buy some really great lightly used kit for a good savings.

The Lyr 3 also works great as a single source preamp.

The Sundaras are here: https://store.hifiman.com/index.php/sundara.html
I'll sell them for $300 plus shipping, and that includes the really nice Bluejeans cable. I don't know of better headphones under $500.

The Schiit Lyr 3 is here: https://www.schiit.com/products/lyr-1
Mine has the ESS dac. $525 plus shipping.

If you buy both, I'll include a brand new Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z, the one Z at Z Reviews really loves. It cost me $70.
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