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FS: 3x HTM-10, 2x HTM-8, 2x HTM-8 angled cabinets


Jul 10, 2020
These are assembled kits from DIY Sound Group. All speakers work perfectly, are two years old, and were connected and tested by Matt Grant, designer of the HTM's. They have denim insulation and were finished in rustoleum hammered black. It was rolled on, after priming, and generally looks great but there are imperfections/splotches and you can see many seams if you look close enough.

Each speaker is $300 cash pickup.

3x HTM-10's are $1,100 shipped.
I will not separate unless someone buys the center first.
All 3 have terminal cups on the rear. The L&R have rubber feet screwed in.
The center is mounted to the mantel by four tiny screws at the rear/top and then 4 #8 screws through the rear of the speaker into the mount that's pictured. These holes could be filled in or just put new, larger screws in.

2x HTM-8 standard units (rears) are $700 shipped.
Both have terminal cups and are nearly perfect besides any minor paint imperfections.

2x HTM-8 angled cabinets (sides) are $700 shipped.
They are 14.25" high, with top depth of 14.5" and bottom depth 4.5". They turned out well!
The bottom of the front baffle goes slightly below the sides of the box, as pictured, and the ports were cut slightly to make it all fit.
Speaker A: 2 screws were drilled through the rear to connect to wall and a 3rd hole in the rear for the speaker wire.
Speaker B: 2 screws were drilled through the top to connect to ceiling and a 3rd hole (1/4"?) is in the bottom for the speaker wire and is quite visible. I should have been more thoughtful with this but oh well. It can be filled in and touched up by you.

I've attempted to precisely describe the condition of each speaker and prevent any surprises. Happy to demo. I've bought and sold lots of gear on AVS and don't play games. My zip code is 60510. I'm willing to meet within an hour and will adjust the prices accordingly. The wife wants in-walls so these are for sale to a good home.

I'm also selling JBL-705P's in another ad.



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Nov 15, 2020
Brussels, Belgium
I wish there were more Home Cinema focused DIY initiatives in the EU.

It's very hard to beat these for the price!
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