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Fosi Audio ZA3 - should I use one or two amps?


May 24, 2024
Right now I'm trying two ZA3's in dual mono. My subwoofer is connected directly to my DAC through the RCA's. I set the max level on the amps and then control the volume with the dac. The problems are the following:

1. the sound is better using the analog volume control, but there are two volume knobs, so everytime I change the volume I have to match levels.

2. the subwoofer is coming out of the dac, so this method doesn't work without also adjusting the subwoofer level

Should I ditch the second ZA3 and just use one? Then I can just use the subwoofer out on the amp, and control the volume with the single amp. I'll lose the extra power, but I'm only powering ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 speakers, not a really big speaker.

Or will I get better sound with more power?
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