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First New HI-FI setup (DAC AMP and speakers)



Dec 11, 2020
Not going to argue anymore about the pro or cons of XLR, there is no reason to confuse OP. XLR is not relevant in this case, unless we have problems.

Woow! Thanks everyone for the precises explanations about XLR and balanced connections. I will use RCA cables it sould be fine for my needs.

the whole balanced signal thing is all correct on paper - but in real life, you simply can't hear the difference. I started the whole thing to show the OP why he doesn't need balanced, not to say that he does... that was my original point - spend the money on speakers, it's the part of the system where you get a tangible, audible value for money. Go cheap (but with good measurements) on the electronics. Home hifi listening simply doesn't need 100+db end to end system performance - most source material is only cd quality which has a max theoretical quality of 96db, and generally doesn't exceed like 80db as the signal isn't always at -0db (unless you enjoy listening to pure sine waves for some reason).

Ok speakers first, i'll find electronic (DAC/AMP) after . Basic DAC should be ok for my CD quality flac files.

My french is not good at all but with the help from Google translate I should be able to bridge the language gap somewhat.

Si vous pouviez �galement donner votre r�ponse en fran�ais, cela aiderait beaucoup.
Merci de faire l'effort de répondre en francais. Je vais quand même essayer de continuer a écrire en anglais car en fait jarrive assez bien a comprendre avec google trad. C'est plus pratique pour les reponses et cela m'apprend l'anglais. J'espère qu'on reussira a se comprendre malgré tout !

First, your amplifier is fine. But the speakers are not. Passable for movies and casual listening.

Replacing the front speakers with a good set of speakers will do wonders. I did the same.

Now I have upgraded to good low budget speakers at a sale for �398 (HKTS �258) and at least twice the sound quality. Music, movies and TV sounds great and not anemic. Even compared to my Fluid F5 with the HKTS 7 sub I use for music production.

Setting up your AVR to match the new front speakers to the rest of the of your current speakers is easy. I've read the manual. :)
Ok i keep the avr and i buy only front speakers.
by 'Front speakers ' you mean hi-fi stereo speakers rigth ? Like compact passive speakers ?

And like you tell my avr only accept 6/4/2 ohm speakers. I read it in my manual too.

Do you know good pair of 6/4/2 ohm passive speakers around 400~450€ ? should i put more money on it ?

I was looking about KEFF Q350 but they are 8 ohm :(
What is most important in speakers ? large frequency response ? sensitivity ?
Another question (yes that's a lot !) what speakers cables are the best 1,5 or 2 5 mm ? and connectors, gold plated ?

Second upgrade

Get the Loxjie D30 for additional functions and sound improvements.
Ok seems a good budget DAC with blueetooth input and integrated headphone amp . Two of my needs.

But how can i connect DAC to my AVR ? via SP/dif Coax cable ? Or via optical/Toslink?

Third upgrade

New AVR with a good room correction software.

And the most expensive device with speakers. I'll also ask you advice about it.

Regardless of upgrade, you might want to learn about acoustic treatment. I think your listening space could benefit from that as well.

I hope I haven't offended you, I'm not trying to be patronizing. Just give you the best price/performance solution.
Maybe after upgrading my installation i'll make some acoustic treatment but it seems to cost a lot of money and it's a little difficult i think with my room situation.

No its ok thank you for giving me your opinion. it will make me spend money on good stuff .

Good night !


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Feb 4, 2019
We, as in ASR users need more info.

Measurements of the room:
Floor area, all the walls, ceiling height and listening position to the AVR.
Use your drawing to make it easier. It would be beneficial if you are able also take some photos.

Mesures de la pièce:
Surface au sol, tous les murs, hauteur sous plafond et position d'écoute de l'AVR.
Utilisez votre dessin pour vous faciliter la tâche. Il serait utile que vous puissiez également prendre des photos.

But how can i connect DAC to my AVR ? via SP/dif Coax cable ? Or via optical/Toslink?

Much easier! Similar to what you do today.
Beaucoup plus facile. Similaire à ce que vous faites aujourd'hui.

Computer -> Coax -> Loxjie D30 -> RCA -> RX-V363 (Audio/CD in)

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