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Finding a simple usb c adapter is hard...


Jul 1, 2021
Basically I'm looking for a simple usb c adapter to do a simple task that all the phone used to do:

1. Play music to 3.5 mm and change the phone at the same time
2. Support in line microphone for calling

I tried the S8 (from hidiz)but cant work with microphone
I tried the Samsung dongle, mic work but cant charge

I thought about the two usb c Splitter but not sure if it work?

Any advise please?
I don't need supper higj quality as i use my se100 for high res music. I only need the phone to play youtube or some funny things friends sent


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May 1, 2021
In a jar, by the door
I had no end of trouble trying to find a Lightening to USB-C converter for my iPhone, turns out that apple don't provide or recommend an "authorised Mfi"device as USB-C inhibits Apples MFi certified device only set up. However I think I might have found the solution and as its from Ford I'm assuming that they've had it "quietly approved" so folk can use Apple devices in their vehicles. Once it arrives I'll report back on if it works or not. Here's there link to the thing: https://shop.ford.co.uk/products/bury-usb-adapter-usb-type-c-to-apple®-lightning-connector
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