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FiiO BTR7 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

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I'd consider buying another and using it with the 80% limit turned on. I have two of them, the oldest from 2021, and it's still fine. By contrast the Fiio BTR5 I had before that went bad after about a year. BTR7 has the 80% battery protection option which I use. It has been fine so far.

I severely doubt a difference between 0.3Ω and 1.2Ω would have any impact whatsoever on a 16Ω single DD earbud. I agree with you that high output impedance is a problem, and I would avoid something with very high output impedance. Stuff can be in the tens to even hundreds of ohms output impedance, and I have do stuff that is very obviously (and measurably) affected by that. But 1.2Ω isn't remotely high.
Ok, have bought it. Haven't noticed any (sub)bass degradation. 0.3 Ohm cable is in use.
Have measured BTR7 Zout on 30 Hz and 1 KHz (27 Ohm load), It is the same and is about 1.02 Ohm (SE).

Overall impression is Ok, probably plenty of LDOs are not just marketing, but help to keep macro-dynamic (and, as a result, pseudo-scene and so on).
I think I might pull the trigger. Can you update firmware via phone or do you need a computer?
It will update through the phone app. On thing to bear in mind, you have to manually download and sideload the APK from Fiio to have it work with the latest firmware. Possibly it will update on Google Play at some point, but I had the latest from Play and it didn't work with the latest firmware.
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