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Fiio BTR7 file format switching in Tidal app


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Mar 4, 2022
I am having a problem with my Fiio BTR7. The firmware is 2.02, the Fiio control app on android is 3.21 and Tidal android version is 2.114.0.

I connect the DAC to my phone via usb cable (rather than bluetooth) and use the tidal app on my phone. The headphone output is plugged into the aux input of the amplifier and speakers in the car.

To play MQA files I have turned off the normalise volume in the app and have been playing MQA tracks fine, with MQA showing as the replay mode.

The problem arises when the tidal playlist contains music encoded as flac (showing as PCM on the Fiio) then the music replay stops! If I try another MQA track in the same playlist it will play, but I have to restart the BTR7 to get it to play PCM files.

It seems it is struggling to switch between files formats, via usb and keep playing the tracks. Is this a know problem or better is there a solution?

A reddit post says
this a well known issue that has been going on for some time with the native tidal app. It's been this way for at least 6 months.

It's a 'bit-perfect' bug. As far as i know, it affects most (if not all) DACs

Is that right?
I have encountered the same irritating problem when allowing Tidal to use its own driver with my Android phone: using Tidal on Android with an external USB DAC (BTR7 or any other), there's an audio playback problem that occurs when transitioning from an MQA track to a non-MQA track. The Tidal app's interface indicates that the new track is playing - the time counter advances and the progress bar moves from left to right as expected. However, no audio is actually heard through the DAC. This discrepancy between the visual playback indicators and the lack of audible output appears to be a bug in the Tidal software. To resume playback, I must physically disconnect and reconnect the device (DAC) or restart the app until the next occurrence. I recently updated the Tidal app but haven't yet checked if the problem persists. As an alternative, I use UAPP (USB Audio Player PRO) instead, which works without this issue.
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