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Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

Album just released and listened to .... recommended !!;)

Jo Harrop - The Path Of A Tear

Artist: Jo Harrop
Title: The Path Of A Tear
Released: 2024
Style: Jazz, Vocal Jazz

01. Jo Harrop - Beautiful Fools
02. Jo Harrop - Whiskey Or The Truth
03. Jo Harrop - A Love Like This
04. Jo Harrop - Traveling Light
05. Jo Harrop - The Path Of A Tear (Le Chemin D'Une Larme)
06. Jo Harrop - You'll Never Be Lonely In Soho
07. Jo Harrop - If It Wasn't For Bad
08. Jo Harrop - Too Close To The Sun
09. Jo Harrop - Hurt
10. Jo Harrop - Goodbye
11. Jo Harrop - Stay Here Tonight
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Such a joy to find a singer I like. Thanks for posting this!
Joanna Gemma Auguri sings Little Bird
I'm sure Norah Jones was posted in this thread, her music, her voice, and the recording quality is all top tier. Another I like is Katie Melua.
Arooj Aftab - from Night Reign - the whole album is utterly captivating. I somehow don't notice that I don't understand the words. Beautiful (and fabulous playing)
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