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Fast Colors


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Mar 12, 2016

The movie business is interesting and complex. Movies cost a lot to make and sometimes as much to market. Hollywood has a knack to make big, megabucks , incredible successful movies. Tinsel Town seems to have find a way to tell stories that the World loves and market these appropriately. Nothing has been more successful and created ,more blockbusters lately than the Superhero Genre. Marvel is so far the king with DC from time to time matching it in quality if not output.
Sometimes the best comes from unlikely sources. A Masterpiece comes and is completely under the radar. Such is the case of "Fast Colors" co-written by Julia Hart and her husband Jordan Horowitz, directed by Julia Hart.

It requires patience. Actions builds slowly. For those who equates actions with throwing punches (Still find it amusing that superheroes fights are mostly fist fights but ....) look elsewhere but if you want to watch a superhero movies that is warm and wonderful ... Not dystopian, hopeful. Wonderfully acted, directed with skills and with superb cinematography .. so good you don't notice it. Special effects are not the usual superhero pyrotechnics, they're almost noticeable while enriching the movies.

Highly recommended!!

Since we proud ourselves in measurements, for once these can't tell you the entire story:cool:
Length : 102 minutes
Box Office" a paltry $76,916

I did not watch watch it with knowledge removed :D. NPR's ranks among the 10 best movies of the Decade. It is IMHO.


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Apr 1, 2019
I thought it was alright. But compared to snoozefest Marvel superhero films that are constantly recycling the same sorts of cliche's, it was enjoyable for sure.
Jan 8, 2020
It was completely off my radar. I watched it a few days ago and thought it was actually pretty good. There were a few implausible things right out of the gate, but my expectations were pretty low so I looked past them. I'm avoiding being specific so I don't reveal any spoilers.
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