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F/S: PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier


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Dec 27, 2020
Asking Price:USD $3290.00
(Retail Price: USD $4600.00)
Payment method:Cash
Shipping weight:85.00 (lbs) Calculate Shipping
Shipping Dimension:20.00in x 20.00in x 11.00in

The unit includes
- The optional MM phonostage
- Tubes are 6 - 12AU7 and 8 - EL34
- Color Silver faceplate
- Price new is $4,600 my price is $3,399

Less than 150 hours, I bought it less than a couple of year ago, but I never use that system so I have decided to sell it!

Here are the technical specs: http://www.stereophile.com/content/...ed-amplifier-measurements#pTFS7trg3Hg5xmGM.97

Full reviews:

- http://www.primaluna-usa.com/reviews/dlp-hp-int-sphile.pdf
- http://hifipig.com/prima-luna-dialogue-premium-hp-integrated-amplifier/
- http://www.absolutesounds.com/pdf/main/press/PL_DLHPINTEG_HFWORLD_June2015.pdf
- http://www.dagogo.com/primaluna-dialogue-premium-hp-power-amplifier-review
- https://www.speakershack.co.uk/reviews/35-prima-luna-dialogue-premium-hp-integrated-amplifier-review

The user manual: http://www.primaluna-usa.com/manuals/dialogue_premium_HP_integrated.pdf
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